Poag’s Hole Hill Climb 2017

88+ miles round-trip, day trip

Motorcycles 10 feet long fueled by nitromethane flying up a 700’ straight up monster hill !!!  The best and most talented riders in the world try to conquer the gnarliest hill in the country ~ then when you think you’ve seen it all – two racers, two bikes side-by-side battle to the top – digging, kicking, jumping – anything goes … which one will get there first?!?!?!

A group of us made plan’s this Sunday to ride up to Poag’s from Jr’s Log Cabin in Campbell this past Sunday. If you’ve never been to Jr’s it’s a small log cabin on Victory Highway just outside of Painted Post, NY.wp-image-1372011542

We took 86 the whole way. On a short trip like this we typically don’t stop till we hit our destination. By the time we made it the place was overflowing with a variety of bikes. I missed half the climb’s because I was too busy checking the bikes out! This is a yearly thing always held at the end of August. If you get a chance to attend I highly recommend it.



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