Plain Viking Cycle Swing Arm Bag

I have been looking for a way to add storage to my sportster for a while now without sacrificing the look of my bike. After pouring through countless luggage options I settled on a swing arm bag. It isn’t too bulky and doesn’t look out of place on a smaller bike. Then came the frustrating part.

kemimoto.jpgMy original hunt brought me to the KEMIMOTO swing arm bag. I bought it off eBay for $15. That should’ve told me something right there… When ordering the bag you can put your bike’s specifications in to make sure you get the right bag. In my opinion they did this only to dress up their item online because it did not fit. The straps were not long enough and the placement was all wrong. There was no way my battery cover would’ve stayed on if I had mounted it the way it was meant to be mounted. I didn’t want to cut more holes in the bag because that would have defeated the purpose of the bag for my needs:  A safe, dry place to store items so that I wouldn’t lose them or destroy them on the road. Needless to say I sent the bag back!

41dCVNwxTEL._SY300_On my second foray into the luggage world for motorcycles I hit pay dirt. Meet the Plain Sportster Swing Arm Bag. Seeing as I like a stripped down bike and am not one for frills this suited me just fine. No straps, buckles or bling. This bag let’s my bike speak for itself! Part of a swing arm series of single-sided bags, the Viking Sportster Swing Arm Bag is designed to keep your pockets, as well as your bike, light. It is spacious enough to carry all your essential daily belongings while maintaining the clean look of your bike.


  • This bag is single side(left)
  • Made from durable Viking leather
  • Hard mounted(hardware included for free)
  • Plastic reinforced body to prevent sagging
  • Heavy-duty ABS plastic back
  • Internal pocket for convenient storage
  • Weather resistant
  • Heavy-duty Velcro along front flap and inner flaps

You can find this bag here at  In order to get the directions you must go to Viking Cycle’s website and print them out there but I have found a video on YouTube that will walk you through the steps. I really can’t say enough about this bag. I finally have a place on my bike to keep my registration cards, wallet and phone without having to worry about them falling out of my pockets. I can also fit essential tools in it so that if I don’t want to carry a backpack I don’t have to. It’s been 5 years since I’ve ridden without a backpack!

I’m very excited for my upcoming trips. I will keep you all updated as I put more miles on this bag!

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