Before you play judge & executioner…

1 of 3 girls will experience some type of violence in her lifetime.

            Just take a moment and let that sink in. One out of every three girls will encounter violence in their lifetime. Now think of three women in your life. Odds are, one of them has.

The average response time for an emergency call is 10 minutes.

            It takes 10-15 minutes to bleed out via a major artery. If you weren’t killed instantly that is. So if you’re lucky, you have five minutes left before its too late, right?

I am that 1/3. At the age of six I escaped a would-be kidnapper with my younger sister and older cousin from a park. At ten I watched my cousin’s new junkie-boyfriend pull a .38 on my grandfather because he disagreed with him.  In a room full of women and children. At twenty-seven my now ex-husband threatened to kill me if I left him. We have two children. At the time they were four and eight months. And this ladies and gentlemen, is why I chose to carry.

I’m not here to argue gun laws or endorse the NRA or whatever debate of the hour is floating around at the moment. I’m here to tell you this shit happens on the daily. Now, most of you are probably thinking I had a terrible childhood, I grew up in a rough neighborhood, or I’ve made horrible choices in my life. Wrong. Well, mostly wrong to be honest. The ex-husband wasn’t my finest moment.

I grew up in a respectable middle class neighborhood where everyone knew each other. I went to church every Sunday. I am a white thirty something mother of four. I have a decent Monday through Friday job in a limited liability company. Now let me see, I think I just shot about four common myths about violence against women all to hell.

  • It only happens to minorities. Check.
  • It only happens to women with questionable morals. Check.
  • It only happens to people who live in the projects or 3rd world countries. Check.
  • It only happens to women who have certain types of jobs. Such as strippers, waitresses, etc… Think I can check that one off too.

If that’s not enough of a reason to protect myself I have plenty more to choose from. A couple years ago a woman was taken from the side of the road while jogging one town over. My sister’s good friend was just recently murdered by contract killers hired by her husband not 2 streets down from me. He was a retired professional hockey player for a well-known team and had a thriving construction business. He wanted the insurance money. He had them murder his wife with their children in the house. When the cops showed up her two year old son was sitting with her dead body trying to “wake mommy up”.

I carry a gun because it’s my responsibility to look out for myself and my children. I’m not asking for your permission or your approval. I am doing what’s necessary to insure that when something does happen, and it most likely will, I’m prepared for it. There is nothing worse than being in that type of situation and feeling helpless. I carry because it’s a lot easier for my family to get me out of jail than a grave six feet under.

“A gun is a tool. No better or no worse than any other tool, an axe, a shovel or anything. A gun is as good or as bad as the man using it.” -Shane (1953)

I’m 5’6″, 120 lb’s. To put that in perspective here is a photo of myself and my 11 year old son. 20170516_200619





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