The Fox Run 2017

600 miles, 3 day trip

The Fox Run.

What can I say that would convey all the feels I have for this experience? I left on a Friday morning excited and a little apprehensive about what I was getting myself into and left on a Sunday overflowing with inspiration and awe. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

I left about 9:30 AM so I could fill up and pull some cake out of the bank. I didn’t end up hitting the highway till about 10 am. I took US 15 S to Williamsport, Pennsylvania for my first gas stop. After grabbing a bite to eat and a bottle of water I sat on the curb and chatted with a plumber while the lawn dudes mowed the weeds around the surrounding businesses. I knew Trout Run was coming up on my route and I wanted to mentally prepare for it. If you’ve never ridden down Trout Run it’s a road that travels along a gorge that’s got enough curves to keep things interesting and dangerous enough you have to keep your wits about you. On a previous trip to Miami I had a Tractor Trailer jackknife in front of me in the middle of February. It left a mental scar.IMG_20170519_111607_097

Still taking 15 S I headed toward Duncannon, Pennsylvania. Trout Run was amazing as always with no problems thank the good Lord! Pennsylvania is beautiful country. Mostly farm land with small towns dotting the patchwork landscape. Upon hitting Duncannon I stopped at a Travel Center and after fueling up and grabbing yet another bottle of water I went in search of a food joint. At this point I was starving and would have eaten just about anything. I found a Hardee’s about 5 miles out. I got lucky and hit the place after the lunch crowd had dispersed so I ate and let my husband know I was still alive. Although when I text him I accidently told him I was at Hoarders. I hate when you get a new phone and have to teach it the American language all over again. I say American because we don’t really speak proper English, not because I’m not all there, lol. Anyway, he told me I must be with my people I realized the mistake!

After plugging my phone into the pigtail (because I was jamming out while listening to Linda on Google Maps and it drained my battery) I was off again. This time in search of Sheetz in Millersville, Pennsylvania. The highway hugs the cliffs of the hills along this stretch where man carved a trail who knows how long ago while the river flows along the other. Everything seems greener in Pennsylvania or maybe it’s just my wonder at all the new landscapes I came across. After stopping at Sheetz for gas and more water (I can’t stress hydrating enough, people!)  I headed out on PA-324 S towards Holtwood, Pennsylvania.

I didn’t leave quick enough! I hit a downpour about half a mile into the last leg of my trip and got to try out my new rain gear. For $40 bucks that suit does a hell of a job! If you’re looking for sturdy gear at a cheap price I’ve gotten into the habit of checking out the Viking Cycle brand. Not a shameless plug I swear! After passing little villages and driving through wooded twisty roads I finally made it to my destination.

Side Note: The only problem I had along my journey was when my bike stalled out going uphill in 3rd gear. She started back up just fine but I still have no clue why it happened. This is the second time in two years it’s done it.

I ended up camping with the New York Litas branch back in the woods. If you go to this event I recommend either getting there when the gates open or camping on the lawn because all the descent sites get snatched up fast and if you have a cruiser you’re more than likely going to drop your bike. As soon as I was set up I went exploring. Besides numerous vendors there were tattoo artist’s, Tarot readers, Masseuse, food vendors, alcohol tents, etc.. I was in my element, needless to say.

If I were asked what my favorite thing about The Fox Run was I’d have to say the feeling of community and the connections you make from just being there. Sure you can go to co-ed rallies but sometimes that can be really intimidating to a woman. This offers you a safe place. The Fox Run makes you feel comfortable about who you are. There’s no judgement. I hope they continue their effort. I can’t wait for next year!IMG_20170521_111605_702

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