Viking Cycle Rain Suit

I just got back from spending 3 days on a moto camping trip with the raddest bunch of ladies in the countryside of Lancaster, PA! But before I tell you about my adventures with them I want to talk about my new rain gear that I took with me. And thank God I did. I hit a downpour my last leg of the trip and I couldn’t get this suit on fast enough!20170522_10251020170522_10252820170522_10254020170522_102553Photos via

This is the Viking Cycle Motorcycle Two-piece Rain Suit. And it is no joke! I ordered the orange/black because it’s high-viz and it matches my helmet! But you can get it in grey/black or green/black also. The price tag on this piece of gold right here is $39.99 and you can get it at Motorcycle House. Yea, you read that right! Gear that looks good, works great and priced reasonably? Who’s going to believe that? Well, believe it folks, I tested this bad boy out and it held strong for a good 24 miles.

Product Overview

  • Made from waterproof fabrics.
  • Elastic hem, sleeve cuffs, and waist.
  • Reflective Piping.
  • Heat shield on calf’s.
  • Removable stirrups.


 I bought this in a size small because its men’s gear. But ladies, don’t let that stop you from getting it! Seeing as I buy men’s shirts for work (due to the industry I’m in) I would have to say this suit is true to size. If you put it on without your gear it’s going to be a little baggy but that’s a good thing. These suits are meant to be worn over your gear. For reference, I wear a size medium in women’s shirts due to my long torso and size 7 in jeans. I’m 5’6” and 125 lb.’s.20170518_18303420170518_18293520170518_183055What it looks like on me…


 Seeing as I’ve had numerous run in’s with inattentive cage drivers and the rash of accident’s happening lately being seen is high on my priority list. This suit has reflective fabric for night time visibility and the orange is bright enough to catch people’s attention in the day time. I’m very happy with how bright this suit is even though normally I don’t go for that kind of thing. In this instance you can’t be bright enough! I know most people don’t think about it but when you’re driving or riding through rain it’s not that easy to see a few feet in front of you depending on how hard it’s coming down.


 The seat of the pants are made with a non-slip fabric so that you don’t go sliding off your seat while riding. It also comes with Heat shield fabric on the inner calves! When you ride in the rain sometimes your bike steams. This helped tremendously this past weekend. Though my bike didn’t steam, it was raining in 80 degree weather so the heat from the engine would have been uncomfortable to say the least! I had already ridden 250 miles that day….
Cool Features

 All of the hems on this suit are elastic! I had no problem keeping them up or water leaking into the cuffs. It also comes with removable stirrups! My socks stayed nice and dry even with the back spray from the road. I’ve seen a lot of people wear their stirrups on the inside of their boots but I wear mine on the outside so the top part of my boot stays covered. I didn’t have any problem with it slipping around on the bottom of my boot either! The jacket also has a hood tucked up under the collar.
All in all I’d definitely get another pair of these. You can’t beat the price or the quality. Viking Cycle is becoming one of my go to gear brands. I can’t wait to see what they put out next!

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