Bucket List Rides

Whenever I get together with my tribe the conversation inevitably turns toward our “Bucket List Rides”. Over the years this list has become more unique and well-rounded as most of us have found our style and settled into who we are as riders. A lot of people find it hard to understand how such a diverse group works but that’s how we like it. Who wants more of the same? That shit is boring as hell.

As my list has started to grow I thought it would be a good idea to commit it to paper or post as it were. Instead of it being stuck in my head where I’m sure to forget a few things. I know it looks very ambitious but GO BIG OR GO HOME right? I’ve always been told that if you want something to happen you need to write it down, so here goes….

  1. The Fox Run. An East Coast women’s only motorcycle camping event that takes place in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. This is a new event to the motorcycle community as it was first held in 2016. To date, it is held mid-May.fox Run
  2. Babes Ride Out. An annual all female overnight motorcycle adventure and campout held in Joshua Springs, California. BRO has been around a while and has grown like wildfire. So much so that they are expanding their events and locations. Lucky for me there is now a BRO East Coast held in Narrowsburg, New York around June. This event is also only in it’s 2nd year of existence!BRO ec

Disclaimer: I am not one of those chicks that preaches about feminism and I’m sorry ladies, wears those  God-awful “pussy” hat’s. Hell yeah women can do the same shit as men do.  I support my gender and promote equality. Case in point, I’m in an all-woman riding group people. But for me personally, I feel like the true meaning of feminism is being lost and misrepresented in today’s society. Take it as you will this is my stand.

The above events are the only all-female event’s that I know about at this point. I’m definitely hitting up The Fox Run this year but I won’t be able to make it to BRO East Coast. Bummer!

  1. Myrtle Beach Bike Week. Also called “Harley Bike Week”, is a week-long motorcycle rally that started in 1940 and attracts as many as 200,000 visitors to the city every May. Myrtle Beach is on South Carolina’s Atlantic coast, is the hub of the Grand Strand, a 60-mile string of beaches.mb
  2. Laconia Motorcycle Week. A motorcycle rally held annually in June in Laconia, New Hampshire. The rally has its origin in the Loudon Classic motorcycle race started in 1923 and the Gypsy tour, where many motorcyclists passed through Laconia. Events were scheduled, including races, shows and a motorcycle hill climb.
  3. Daytona Beach Bike Week. Also called Daytona Bike Week, is a motorcycle event and rally held annually in Daytona Beach, Florida. Approximately 500,000 people make their way to the rally area for the 10-day event. The festivities include motorcycle racing, concerts, parties, and street festivals. The event is usually held on the first full week of March and contends with the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally as the most popular motorcycle rally in the United States. Seeing as this is where my riding group, The Iron Lilies, is based I’m making this a priority for next year. Some of the tribe have been talking about making the trip with me.
  4. The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. What my little girl dreams were made of. An American motorcycle rally held annually in Sturgis, South Dakota, for ten days usually during the first full week of August. In 2015 the city of Sturgis official expanded the dates to have the Rally, start on the Friday before the first full week of August, to end on the second Sunday. It was begun in 1938 by a group of Indian Motorcycle riders and was originally held for stunts and races. Attendance has historically been around one half million people, reaching a high of over 700,000 in 2015, and generating around $800 million in revenue. This is like the Godfather of motorcycle rallies. A must for riding enthusiasts. I really want to ride The Needles Highway!
  5. El Diablo Run. Started by Biltwell in 2006, this ride is centered around riding your hand-built motorcycle, preferably an old one. But, it is open to anyone on any machine. WARNING: THIS IS A CHALLENGING RUN. I’m going to need to build up to this one! Mexico baby! If you haven’t yet, please go to Biltwell’s site and do your research before you consider this one.EDR17_Biltwell-Blog-Header (1)
  6. The Tail of the Dragon. A stretch of two-lane road known since 1981 as “The Dragon” or “The Tail of the Dragon” The 11-mile stretch of the Dragon in Tennessee is said to have 318 curves. Some of the Dragon’s sharpest curves have names like Copperhead Corner, Hog Pen Bend, Wheelie Hell, Shade Tree Corner, Mud Corner, Sunset Corner, Gravity Cavity, Beginner’s End, and Brake or Bust Bend. The road earned its name from its curves being said to resemble a dragon’s tail. The stretch bears the street name “Tapoco Road” in North Carolina and “Calderwood Highway” in Tennessee and is signed entirely by Us 129.RideMePoster_2015
  7. Beartooth Highway.An All-American Road on a section of S. Route 212 in Montana between Red Lodge and the Wyoming state line at Beartooth Pass, located 10,947 feet (3,337 m) above sea level near Yellowstone National Park. It has been called “the most beautiful drive in America,” Because of heavy snowfall at the top, the pass is usually open each year only from mid-May through mid-October, weather conditions permitting.beartooth

Let’s face it. I might as well have another bucket list for National Parks. I want to see them all! The struggle is real friends.

So there you have it. My riding bucket list as it stands to date. I’m not getting any younger and in the words of Morgan Freeman, “Get busy living, or get busy dying.”

2 thoughts on “Bucket List Rides”

  1. Great list! You should add ‘back of the dragon’ to this. It’s 32ish miles and 400+ curves. The curves are longer and more sweeping, it’s a little more enjoyable and not as much work as the tail. Bummer to miss you at the fox run/babes east coast this year. (I missed fox, will be at babes.) hope to catch up on the road one if these days! Hit up the union hotel in port deposit some weekend, it’s a big biker spot with life music during the day! Cheers!

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