1980’s Hein Gericke Harley Davidson leather jacket

Recently I purchased a retro Harley Davidson leather jacket from Etsy. I was looking for something for the colder climates with a little bulk to it. I’m 125 lb. and 5’6”. Basically, I have no meat on my bones and my circulation sucks. So when I found this jacket I was ecstatic. What a score right?!il_340x270.1162703346_tkqu

Anyone who knows me learns early on that I was not meant for this decade. So it should come as no surprise that I didn’t buy a brand new jacket #notmystyle. My favorite outfit is my Zeppelin tee paired with a flannel and jeans. Converse are my shoe of choice. So you can see where I’m coming from here.

What appealed to me about this jacket honestly was that it reminded me of the old bomber jackets. Did anyone say Top Gun? Screenshot_20170412-111857This jacket originally was sold with a fur collar. Thank the good Lord that was long gone. Not sorry to see it go. Another cool feature is that it has 8 pockets. 2 zippered breast pocket’s along with smaller button-down pockets below, 2 inner pockets and the requisite pockets at the sides. The inner pockets are big enough I don’t have to wear my shoulder holster. My S&W bodyguard fits great in them! il_570xN.1064772442_axouil_570xN.1064772378_8ca0il_570xN.1111354339_43eiil_570xN.1111356925_smvc

The quilted inner lining is not removable but since this is going to be my lower temperature’s jacket it’s not a concern for me. There are buttons where the fur collar used to be. I’m pretty sure I can find a hood to fit them if I really want but I don’t see myself doing that since I normally wear a hoodie. The retro design on the back is rad. The fact that it’s not the usual bar and shield makes it unique. It has buckles at the waist that can be adjusted and zipper’s on the forearms. The best thing about this jacket is it is already broken in!

Cool Fact: The zipper tag’s say Ladies of Harley. Ladies of Harley (LOH) is a program sponsored by the Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) to support women motorcycle enthusiasts – both drivers and passengers. It is not a separate organization within H.O.G., but was established to encourage women to become more active in H.O.G. and their local chapters.20170412_112339

I only have one concern with this jacket. I have to research how best to care for it so it last’s. The collar is already showing wear and I’d like to keep it in good condition. Any suggestions would be most welcome!20170412_112721

I finally got to test the jacket out this week. I wore it on my ride in to work. It’s been a steady 45 degrees out this week at 6 AM so it was a good test run. I’m glad to tell you it kept me very warm and all I had beneath it was a thin hoodie and tee.

Please excuse the helmet hair and front porch mess. Spring cleaning has commenced at my house…

All in all I’m very pleased with this jacket so far. I will try to update this post at the end of the riding season!

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