Skeeter Pit BBQ Ride

225 miles, Day Trip

On this ride I took my 2009 Kawasaki Ninja 250R. Despite what most people say, smaller bikes are quite capable of longer distances. I don’t have a problem keeping up with the bigger bikes except for maybe take offs. Nowadays I stick to my 883 but the Ninja was a very reliable bike. I wont be riding it anymore as I sold it to my baby brother. It was my first bike and I think it’s a great starter bike for him!

Normally we start a ride around 10-10:30 in our area. The usual meet up place is Wegman’s in Corning.

We headed out via County Road 115. Our first stop was going to be Eisenhower’s Tioga County Harley Davidson, formerly Cox’s Harley Davidson, but KC had to make a pit stop for gas. If you look at his tank you know why.wp-1490706032501.jpg

When we finally hit Eisenhower’s we had to wait as a convoy went by. Not sure what was going on but looked like they were loaded for bear.

Our next stop took us to Allentown, Pennsylvania. We fueled up at the Sunoco there. We had ridden through some beautiful farmland and backwoods. Mainly Amish country.

The gas station was big enough we had the back corner of the parking lot to ourselves so we took a break to eat a snack before heading to our main destination. My headphones shit the bed so I had to grab an overpriced pair there. Give me a pair of Dollar store headphones any day!

We took 15 South to Shamokin Dam in Pennsylvania where Skeeters Pit BBQ is located. Along the way we passed a motorcade of vintage cars on their way to a showing. When we hit the red light in Winfield a couple in the car next to us started taking photos of our group. They were so excited I could only guess they were out of towners.

This was my first time at Skeeters so I wasn’t prepared for the hill climb to get there. But once you hit the top the view was crazy. This place had excellent food and the decor was neat. From the vintage truck to the row boats hanging from the ceiling.

Believe me when I say there is no reason you should leave here hungry! We were so full we had to hang a little longer than normal just to digest.

Before we left we basically decided to retrace our route to Trout Run so we could hit The Forest Inn. The place is quaint, and by quaint I mean as redneck as they come.

You could spend all day trying to read all the signs in the place or looking at the mounted animals. Yes, this is normal for a backwoods bar where I live.  The parking lot is gravel and you have to drive down into it. So you know getting out is going to be a bitch unless you want to ride the grass to a higher elevation. Not a bad alternative to throwing gravel at someone else’s bike!

We took 14 South through Troy, PA to reach Hellmira a.k.a. Elmira, NY. We call it that due to the rising drug and violence problem in the area. Don’t get me wrong there are some descent areas but they are quickly being swallowed up by the crowd being drawn in by the prison there.

All in all it was a nice ride. There were some pretty sketchy back roads but the rest of it more than made up for that. I would recommend doing this ride in the late summer when you’re sure to have warm weather. We went through a lot of woods so the sun got blocked a lot.

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