Shift Envy Jacket Review

shift 1

I have had this jacket since 2011 when it came out. It is part of the Shift Envy collection. I paid full price at $180 back then. Now that its 6 years old they’re probably going for $50 or something online. So if you’re looking for a deal this would be an option.

Let’s talk about looks for a minute. It reminds me of those old school portraits. Exhibit A:tumblr_lgp0wi4z6n1qzqh7jo1_500

No, that’s not me. That kid’s actually cute. And male. I on the other hand had just grown into my awkward-as-hell faze and looked like a witch. What was my mother thinking right?! I mean, who the fuck cut my hair? This picture was used mercilessly by my family throughout my teens..facebook_1490280482096

But back to the topic at hand.

Despite all that I love this jacket. It fits great without making me look like a bag lady. It doesn’t bunch up in the shoulders like most moto jackets are wont to do while riding . You know, when it looks like the jacket has swallowed your neck and there’s just your head framed by the shoulders that are covering your ears? Or maybe I’m the only one who looks like William H. Macy in Wild Hogs whenever I wear most jackets… 007WHO_William_H__Macy_017It’s also long enough I don’t get a draft up my back when leaning forward on the bike. Which is high on my list of priorities since I have a long torso and most of my commute’s begin at 6 am when its usually 40-45 degrees out.

shift 3


The outer shell is made of a water resistant polyester that’s light and breathable without sacrificing abrasion protection. There is stretch paneling in flex areas so it doesn’t restrict your movement and the fit is better. I have broad shoulders so I have a problem in that area, most things are always too tight there.

Tip: When you’re trying on a coat always lift your arms to face level and try to cross them. If it’s too tight it’s too small!

If you look at the back you’ll see the expansion zippers at the bottom for us girls with bigger hips. I usually keep them at half mast.  Zippered air intake vents plus a rear exhaust opening help me stay cool on the warm days. The inner shell can be removed to help also. It just zips right in!

shift 5

The jacket comes standard with ergonomically correct shoulder and elbow pads which you can remove. I’ve taken them out to wash the jacket and they were fairly easy to put back in. Sometimes that can be a pain. No, it didn’t shrink after washing. I’m one of those people that throws everything in together without reading a label or separating also BTW. shift 2

There is also a pocket for a back protector if you decide to purchase one. The sleeves have a zipper for expansion and a strap for tightening. Another added feature is reflective piping for visibility.shift 4

All in all I’d buy this jacket again but maybe in plain black. It comes in 3 colorways: Black, black/gray, white and plaid. I can roll it up and throw it in a backpack too. So it packs almost-small. Shift is a great company for women’s motorcycle gear. They really try to make their items for “real women sizes”.

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