Ride to Hyner View

170 miles, day trip


This past summer a group of us decided to do a run to Hyner View State Park in Pennsylvania. A local hot spot for hang gliders.  I met up with a couple friends and we headed out to Toupsburg  in NY to pick up my friend Julie’s dad and step-mom. We made a quick pit stop at the Dandy in Austinburg about 4 mi. down the road.


In Knoxville we added a few more to the group before heading down to Middlebury.

Tip: When you go through Knoxville make sure you’re doing the speed limit.

The County Mounty there takes his job seriously. Don’t worry though, you blink and your through it!


We stopped at this gas station/ convenience/ hairdresser place to grab water and whatever else anyone needed. Have you ever seen Tremors? Mr. Miagi’s store? Yep. You get the picture.

Tip: Don’t use the bathroom.

middlebury dandy

From Mr. Miagi’s(aka Middlebury Dandy) we headed down 287 to the Crossroads Tavern for something to eat in Morris. It’s located on a bend in the road right across from the field where they hold their county fair. You can park on the gravel there but be careful crossing the road it gets pretty busy. When you enter the tavern head straight to the back. They have a privacy fence wrapped around the yard and they hold tourney’s back there and have an outside bar area. You wouldn’t even know it was there if you were just passing through! I love places like this.

Lunch was good. Probably what most of us would expect from a Grill. As we were leaving we came upon two bikes sitting out front. You could tell they were garage-built.  I fell instantly in lust with one of them.

Getting back in the saddle we headed out on 287 and took Little Pine Creek Road to one of those old grated bridges. I don’t care who you are, if they don’t make you a little bit nervous there is something wrong with you. all I can remember is saying “Jesus take the wheel” and then I was on the other side. You’ll ride through some beautiful country and come out at the Waterville Tavern. You’ll know it by the southern-style front porch with all the rocking chairs out front. You can get gas there too at McConell’s County Store.

Tip: You can’t use your card at the pump. They’re one of the last places on earth who go by the honor system. Pump then pay in the store.

This will be your last pit stop before Hyner View. I want to warn you ahead of time that it gets really twisty from here on out. I’m talking, the Tail of the Dragon had a baby twisty. No speed demon’s needed here.

Our last stop of the day before heading back home was the Green Lantern Restaurant. I grabbed a BLT and fries. You can’t go wrong with bacon.

green lantern

It was getting late so a few of us decided to head home. we took 144 to Galeton and fueled up at the Minit Mart just past the bridge. It was a good thing because I know I hit my reserve. No fuel gauge for me!

From Galeton we headed toward Tioga which would take us home. It was a cold ride back. As soon as that sun went down it dropped to the 60’s. Most of our ride was highway at high elevations.


This is the run I hit my 10K mark on! I was so stoked. About the time that number flipped Zeppelin’s “Black Dog” hit my headphones and I was living in a moment.

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