Ride to Letchworth

160 miles, roundtrip, Corning to Letchworth

Every year a group of us from work try to get together to do a ride. 2016 was Letchworth State Park. That ride was extra special as it would be the first ride I did with my ex-father-in-law (long story short, I won him in the divorce). Please ignore the helmet hair…

We had tried in the past to set up rides together but our schedules never seemed to line up.

We headed out from Wegman’s in Corning and met up with a couple of people in Addison.

After fueling up we took 36 to Canisteo, where we made a quick stop for water. I can’t stress enough how important staying hydrated is!

We continued on 36 to 70 which we almost missed because it came up on us so fast and its a sharp left. By this time we were all ready to eat so we jumped on 408 to Nunda. A small one horse town that if you blink you’ll miss it. I swear to God they modeled the town from Dukes of Hazard after the place!

I got chicken tenders with fries. I know, I’m boring right? But hey, I figured it would be a quick meal. I was right. For a tiny eatery in a tiny town they seemed to get a lot of business in the half hour we were there.

After gorging ourselves and making friends with some dude who we were told was the bars permanent fixture we hopped back on our bikes and took 436 to 19A.

Now 19A will take you to Denton Corners Road on 38 which will take you to the Castile entrance of the park. It’ll cost you $10 bucks to get in but I promise it’s worth it. Our goal was the upper falls. You can see the Portage wooden train bridge from that lookout.

Image result for letchworth train bridge

Image result for letchworth state park  stone house

We spent some time at the Upper falls taking photos and trying to cool down. It had gotten hotter as the day went on and had reached 90+ temps.

On the way back through we made a stop at the gift shop where they sold ice cream and souvenirs. I snagged a sweet patch in honor of the occasion.

On our way home we took 36 to 417, stopping at Jr’s Log Cabin along the way in Campbell.

 It was a nice ride with great weather. I love riding through Letchworth! They have roads that wind through the gorge giving you just enough curves to keep you interested. The scenery is beautiful and if you get a chance try to get there during fall!

One thought on “Ride to Letchworth”

  1. I am originally from the ROC, and used to drive to Letchworth all the time on my ride. Such a cool place and in my opinion, the best destination in Western, NY. My favorite place to ride in New York was Lake George but it was rather far off the grid from Rochester, so I would go there for Americade in June once a year. Now I live in the western part of the country far from home. I like it a ton but I miss the rain. Cheers.

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