Best. Decision. Ever. (previously posted on former site)

My first memory is of my dad sitting me in front of him on his Honda Magna and riding me around my grandmother’s block. I had to sit on top of the tank to reach the bars because I was that small. I couldn’t have been more than 3 or 4 years old. Just like that, I was hooked.

Growing up you could find me tearing apart my bicycle just to build it back up again, handing tools to whichever adult was working on a piece of machinery or on the back of an all-terrain or dirt bike. It wasn’t until I saw Leanna Creel in Saved by the Bell that I realized I could be the one in control. Her first appearance on the show she rode a motorcycle to school and came in wearing a helmet. No one knew it was a girl until she took the thing off. I remember my sister and I looking at each other in excitement and me thinking that was going to be me someday. And yes, I watched that show, just like every other kid at the time.

Despite the nay-sayers or maybe in spite of them (I was never any good at being told I couldn’t do something), I signed up for the motorcycle safety program and received my license in 2011. Best. Decision. Ever.

If you are thinking of getting your license or are feeling apprehensive about getting your license, I’m telling you, take the course. Take the course even if you aren’t worried or inexperienced. I promise you’ll get something out of it. I signed up with my boyfriend at the time and we had a blast! Harley Davidson also offers New Rider and Experienced Rider Courses at select dealerships. You can find locations here . If you want to find locations for your state Motorcycle Safety Program check this link out . It was definitely the confidence booster I needed. It literally changed my life.

Oh yeah, shout out to the guys at Groton Cycle Center, you’re the best!

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